Monday, 13 November 2017

I am the same man ...

Take a look around me
Maybe you will find something interesting
I am the same man
To whom you have forgotten intentionally
How can I forget you?
When my heart vibrates just for you

Always keeps an eye on, all of your actions
How can you forget
You are my only affection
How many times I asked the same questions
which have you never answered
You pretend, there is no reason to know the truth
Why you behave with me like a shrewd?
I don’t understand why are you so scary
When we have a soul love to carry

True love would be our only way
Whether we will live close or far away
How hard will you try
you can’t change the truth to a lie
You ignored me enough for a cruel
Accept it, I am your real love
Body can change after time
It does not matter for a soul to shine
There is no shape or color for the soul
Then why you give such importance to this role

How many times I have to teach you this lesson
Do not become prey just for old fashion
I told you again and again
You do not have to live in this pain
Face the fact of the life
You are not almighty to change someone’s life
He has to suffer his pain
Your tears cannot go into the vain
He doesn’t deserve you anymore
His karma has gone through the God’s door

Take the heat and come into the light
There is no reason to hide
Fight this battle to prove you are bright
Go up to the tooth and nail in this fight
You have to learn to live without compromise
I will give you hand to stand on this trail
You can win this battle without fail
Don’t go away just closing your eyes
There is a bright light after a dark night

Kapil Kumar
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