Monday, 13 November 2017

My Luck ...

I caught by a ghost on the street
He was begging to make him free
I told him, I am not the tantric to do this
He did not believe me after seeing my physics,
Said you will be more ghost than me in the fight
Rest of your life, you will wait for someone in the night

I saw a dog on the tree
He was jumping here there too much worried
He was looking for someone to catch his leach
I told him I am not the one who loves to do this
He barked and growl in a big hiss,
Said you are worst than a bee
You will be stuck in such a love, which will not be easily free

I found a star on the ground
He was laying on the land as a hound
He asked me to put him back in the sky
I said it would be very hard for me to give a try
He cursed me to go so high
You should be alone there for long while

I meet an angel in the bar
She was dirty and drunk up to far
She asked me to take her home,
Spend some time with her alone
I was too afraid to feel her touch,
Said very vigorously to her
You look like a dirty rust, Go away from here you slut
She smiled and took a big laugh,
Held and scold me very fast
She looked in my eyes and cried,
One day you will love someone by heart
Then you will understand when she will throw you like a fart

I was taking bath in the pool
There was a rat who was stuck in the loom
He requested me, To help him to make free
I told him, Go away your tiny dirty creep
He cried, suddenly a cat came and took him somewhere deep
His murmuring sound was telling me a lesson
You will be stuck with someone in a mesh relation
Your true love will be shattered by an old-fashion

Kapil Kumar
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