Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Perspective of life!!

In my  perception  ,there are two ways to see and understand this world logically and by spiritually(faith). 

In the logical way , we believe in the things and events ,those can be certified and proved by scientific way or in other words we can prove them anywhere regardless to the place or person . 

However, In another contrast faith is just a mere belief , which could be based on surroundings , upbringing , culture or experiences. 

The logical things are facts based on common sense or has been proven by science ,however belief is just a routine or blind follow-up on the certain things it could be religion , faith , culture and rituals, even though we know very well that these things can't be justify or prove in a logical way , however ,we want to keep our belief on these. 

Let me give you a real time example. Suppose, you are standing at a place where nothing is near by , means no animal or human, if I ask you, what you see in the surroundings? 

Do you see someone singing or dancing or playing? 

I am sure most of you will laugh and say , how could this possible when there in no one except me. Agreed ,In a common sense this seems correct , however , can you deny that there is no electromagnetic signal near by you? 

 I am sure, we are surrounded by many waves , vibrations or electromagnetic waves all the time everywhere. 

The problem is, we cannot see or feel this electromagnetic signals or extract information out of this, but when we used some kind of electronic receiver or antenna with the help of some TV/radio then we can see/hear something Technology makes this thing so natural to us that we do not think that, there was nothing near by and everything was just like that, but some technique and electronics equipment made it possible to see or listen at the place where nothing was there. 

Idea of explaining this example is that if we cannot see or hear something,it does not mean that these things do not exist. 

I am not different than anybody else in this world to adept this double standard. I also keep my faith with scientific brain along with me. 

Reason, for our convenience or peace of mind, we put a blind fold to let go certain facts to avoid brutal , harsh and unpleasant truth to digest. Or we don’t want to go in the detail of ugly truth or we don’e have enough evidence to deny certain facts.So the best way is this, let us accept some things as they are or being told to us as a faith. 

But some time problem arises in such a way that we stuck in a situation where we have to take a stand that which way we have to keep our inclination. In my perspective no one is 100% logical or spiritual , in this world. 

Anyway , let us come to the point what are my intention to discuss this.If you have seen a boat or ship will be well aware that a tiny hole can sink the whole ship , similarly some time a good woolen sweater lost its weaving by just flicking one thread out of it? 

Kapil Kumar 

Note: “Opinions expressed are those of the authors, and are not official statements. Resemblance to any person, incident or place is purely coincidental”. The Author will not be responsible for your deeds. 
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