Saturday, 14 November 2015

How to train a Wild Hawk (bachelor) to a Pet Owl (husband)!

Hawk Vs Owl

These are the steps you have to follow to transform a hawk in to an Owl. . When man is a bachelor, he hunts for the girl day & night like a hawk, As soon as he is a married man his wisdom should turns down in such a way that, he will be hunted by you in the night and should watch you like an owl.

You are priceless

Always remind him that how much lucky you are for him, his family prosperity and career, since you have come into his life, his life has a meaning.

Society Honors

Always keep an eye on his behavior, talks and actions. Never ever lose an opportunity to turn him down. Whenever he speaks or spoke anything bad or wrong about anyone then make a big fuss of that event .Tell the kids and him that how shameful you feel in the society by his improper attitude. How much bad name he has brought to the family?

House Hold Work

Always keep him busy in the household works as plumbing, electricity, lawn mowing and many minor house hold repairs .If he gets some time to relax, make whines about not teaching or helping kids in education or sports.

No Cooking at Home

Never ever cook at home for him, If he asked food, remind him about cleaning dishes, kitchen etc. etc. . . . Create new drama scene every day about your health, back problem, period, kids, house hold work etc. etc. . . . Even after that he is not convince and demand for the food, remind him, he has been married to an educated woman not a house maid. Always encourage him, he is a great cook and you love his cooking.

Your Fun

Build a network of at least 10/12 women to do gossip, kitty parties all day long. Set up a rule for these friends that you guys must celebrate every girl/woman birthday and must organize kitty party in some hotel/restaurant for the group only. This way you get at least two days in the month guaranteed to stay out from the house for fun. Similar action tried by husband should be diffused immediately by saying; he is required at home for kid’s safety reasons.

His Pain your Gain

Always keep a check on his income, make a house budget (without his knowledge) and try to spend more what he earns. Always keep a pocket allowance for you that should not be discussed how you will spend. Always complain about his low earning. Never ever keep accounting in your radar, let him feel all tensions of the hose budget, bill payment, future savings etc...

Third Party Victim

If you ever see or find out talking him with any woman or girl ,Make a big fuss in front of the kids that their Dad has no character. He doesn't love you and want to leave their "MOM" for other woman.

No Intruders

Always disintegrate him from his family and old friends. Always invite your friends at home those husbands are trained pet. In this way, he has fewer chances to get some outside infection and must learn quickly how to behave as a pet?

Good Daddy

Whenever kids ask help in the studies, send them directly to their DAD by saying this, Ohh! Your DAD was telling me that he was a “Topper in the class” .Why don’t he make his own kids successful in the life? This way, you enjoy your TV shows and; he busy with the kids.

Lost Husband

Never ever appreciate him for his good work; always find a way to turn him down in such a way that he should feel guilty inside. If he brings cheap gifts, show him, how low taste he has. By chance he forgets Birthday or anniversary of you or your relatives, make his life hell for couple of days by complaining day & night.

Cruel Husband

Never ever talk loud to him in front of the outsider, Try to encourage him to shout at you in front of outsider. Always try to show your smile in front of others, His reputation will be on toll and you will get sympathy from the society. Take full revenge as soon as you are alone.

Pet Husband

I am sure now your wild hawk is a pet Owl.

Kapil Kumar 

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